Jesse Lingeman is a student in the Masters Program of Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematics at New York University, and hopes to enroll in a PhD program for Computer Science.  His undergraduate studies were in Political Science and Computer Science at Western Michigan University.

He also is a researcher for the Infant Action Lab at NYU, where he writes tools and performs research on human/primate infant development.  Work in the Action Lab includes running experiments with infants who are to complete a task that involves both motor skill and perceiving their opportunities for action.  The researchers in the lab try to isolate and find the limits of what they are able to perceive in naturalistic environments.

He is also a researcher in the Virtual Plant Lab in NYU’s bioinformatics department, where he develops algorithms to discover gene regulatory networks.    Virtual Plant is a freely available, online, tool for bioinformatics researchers.  It contains a suite of tools to allow researchers to analyze their data, and has a cluster backend for processing.

In his small amounts of free time, he experiments with robotics, plays hockey, goes to concerts, and generally enjoys living in NYC.

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