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A couple of exciting new projects

This week I’m happy to announce that I’m starting two new projects that I’ll be working on over the course of the next year. The first will be my master’s thesis: a program to help bioinformaticians analyze gene expression networks, utilizing high performance computing clusters. The program will parse the data and suggest workflows based [...]
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The Actor/Message Passing System of Concurrency

Lately, a lot of research has gone into how to make concurrency easier, both conceptually and programmatically. One of the models, originally created by Erikkson for the language Erlang, is the Actor/Message Passing system. The idea behind this system is that you a dispatcher creating tasks in response to some data. Information about the tasks [...]
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First month of Vim

I’ve recently made the upgrade from the wonderful Mac text editor Textmate to Vim (in the form of MacVim).  What initially led me away was a hope to be able to run SPSS syntax from within Vim, which would allow me to avoid SPSS 16′s abysmal syntax editor.  While this turned out not to work [...]
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First Post

I’ve decided to give the website a revamp graphically, finally update my CV, and begin adding details on my research.  This website is primarily here in order for me to share handy programming tips and tricks, espouse my viewpoints on various things, and generally engage in narcissism. Keep posted, I’ll try to actually update this thing this [...]
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